Ethridge Wedding

Covid brought on the worst for so many of my brides and grooms. It broke my heart to watch their dreams of big parties and celebrations, turn into choosing 10-15 of their closest friends and family to share in their day. Luckily, most of that is behind us and we can finally go back to the celebrating.

Brook and Dalton decided to go ahead with their wedding in 2020 and I'm so glad that they did. It was one of the most beautiful, intimate ceremonies I've ever been apart of. And finally, after a year of waiting, they were able to have their wedding reception with all of their friends and families.

They held their reception at the beautiful, South Forty, an event venue in Round O, South Carolina. The weather allowed time for portraits, praise God! After dinner, they cut the cake along with some specially made pies and cakes. EVERYONE was excited for these yummy desserts.

The receptions was a blast! Their DJ was phenomenal. And a good time was had by all! I am so happy that they decided to have this celebration a year later. Congratulations Brook and Dalton!