Kristen & Preston

Unlike most of my couples, I never had the chance to meet with Kristen and Preston prior to the wedding. I literally just booked this wedding about two weeks ago. That's never a problem, you guys know I love meeting new people.

This lovely couple got married at Woodside Country Club, in Aiken, SC. We were worried that rain was going to ruin their outside ceremony, but fortunately, we were wrong. Honestly, we couldn't of asked for better weather. It was sunny, warm and perfect!

Like many other couples this year, these two braved the Covid restrictions and pulled off a beautiful wedding and with a great turnout. They provided super cute masks for their bridal party to match their attire. I know they were bummed that some of their guests were unable to attend the wedding, especially some of their bridal party. But, they were able to improvise and face-time a groomsman & stick him on a tripod (see the photos below).

I'm so thankful to have had the chance to be apart of their big day and share these beautiful images. I wish you guys years of happiness!